Active rest in the Carpathians

Together with the “Vershina” you can immerse yourself in the incredible and enchanting world of the Ukrainian Carpathians, the beautiful mountains with fascinating legends. The Carpathians are also known for the prestigious ski resorts of Bukovel, Drahobrat, Yaremche, Vorokhta and others. Here you will be gladly accepted and will do a lot for an unforgettable rest. The Carpathians are known for their lush natural resources and healing resorts. Very clean mountain air, extraordinary landscapes, the friendliness of the locals and the warmth of their hospitality, all this will give your rest an incredible experience.


Holidays in the Carpathians is a large number of ski resorts, as well as balneological resorts with swimming pools, where you can swim all year round and the frosts will not be an obstacle.

The ski resorts Bukovel and Drahobrat are very popular during the winter season. After all, there are not only conditions for a simple ski rest, but everything you need for a luxurious holiday. Everyone can choose what he needs: ski slopes for beginners, high-difficulty slopes for professionals. Snowboard fans have specially prepared descents. If you like to go sledding or skating, all the necessary conditions are created for such activities. If you want to walk, please, here are designed for you, impressive and safe routes for hiking in the winter as well as snow-covered forest where you can feed the animals, see their various tracks, enjoy the silence and be completely filled with the beauty of fairy-tale nature.


Prices for rest in the Carpathians depend on several components: the place you have chosen for rest (hotel, recreation center, private house, cottage), how close the lift is, as well as comfort. An expensive option is the resort of Bukovel, which has many ski slopes and lifts. Skis, snowboards and equipment for rent, instructors for beginners (and for amateurs) skiers as well as snowboarders, all the conditions to make the rest unforgettable. Holidays in Drahobrat are considered cheaper. On the slopes of Vorokhta there is an opportunity to jump from a springboard, which is known for training Ukrainian athletes. Very beautiful in winter in Yaremche. By the way, many people practice skiing on the modern slopes of Bukovel, but live and rest in other resorts, because the distance from one resort to another is small. Yes, accommodation prices (per night) in Yaremche may be cheaper than in Bukovel, but the comfort is not inferior.

Both in Yaremche and in “Bukovel” there is an opportunity to buy wonderful souvenirs, skins, a carpet, a warm blanket and an embroidery which will become a remarkable reminder of impressive rest. You can see the largest range of souvenirs at the bazaar in Yaremche. Also here you will have an incredible opportunity to try the original, varied and delicious national cuisine. The kindness and courtesy of the locals will make an incredible impression on you and you will remember your adventure with a smile and the warmest words, and more than once you will want to visit this strange and beautiful majestic land in our Carpathians.


Winter rest in the Carpathians are high doses of adrenaline and a powerful annual charge of energy.

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