Апарт-готель "Вершина", м. Яремче – офіційний сайт


For the most comfortable stay in the hotel, conditions should be created in which guests will devote a minimum amount of time to everyday worries and household trifles. These include the proper organization of food. The Vershina Hotel is trying to take over all the worries from the shoulders of visitors and offer a very convenient food system which includes free breakfasts for guests, a full-fledged cafe on the territory of the complex with the most delicious and authentic dishes. Also, each room is equipped with a full kitchen if you prefer to cook on your own.

Tasty Breakfast

The mood with which you start your day can set the tone from morning to evening. An important element every morning is breakfast. And if it is tasty and healthy, then you will have enough strength for new achievements.
A well-known French folk wisdom – you need to have breakfast like a king, dine like a prince, and dine like a beggar. Therefore, the Apart-hotel “Vershina” offers various breakfast options that will definitely delight you.

The hotel has its own cafe with delicious food

Carpathian cuisine consists of a wide variety of dishes that will please even the most demanding gourmets. Compliance with the traditional recipe for the preparation and use of environmentally friendly products contributes to obtaining unique taste and positive health effects.
Hutsul cuisine is quite simple, but at the same time it is distinguished by originality. When visiting the Ukrainian Carpathians, you should definitely try banosh, Hutsul borsch and mushroom stew.

Each room has a kitchen with everything you need for self-catering

If you want to cook yourself, no problem! In each room you will find all the necessary utensils for self-catering. The kitchen is equipped with all necessary household appliances: refrigerator, stove, extractor hood and kettle. Also in the room you will find all the necessary dishes. And in the market in the center of Yaremche you can find the most delicious and natural ingredients in order to enjoy the result to the fullest.