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Prices to rest in Yaremche

Accommodation in Yaremche
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Today rest in Yaremche is becoming more and more popular. More and more tourists prefer mountain air, pristine nature and quality service. Today, Yaremche has a well-developed infrastructure, there is a huge selection of leisure options for every taste. And at the same time, such a vacation will cost much less than at foreign resorts. Our hotel offers its guests spacious comfortable rooms with all amenities, as well as a wide range of additional services.

Rest in YaremcheRest in Yaremche: rooms and apartments

The price for a room in our complex includes not only accommodation and use of the swimming pool, but also breakfast, secure car parking and wireless internet.
Room rates:

A standard apartment or house with stove heating is designed for two adults and two small children. Therefore, if more than two adult vacationers or a family with children over 10 years old are planning to settle there, then the surcharge for one person will be 200 UAH/day. Additional seats may be agreed upon upon booking.

Carpathian vat will heal the body and stimulate positive emotions.

Bathing in the vat stimulates the functions of the immune system, improves the activity of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular and nervous systems, promotes recovery from injuries and fractures, restores the elasticity and resilience of the skin.

Service cost for 1 hour:

The minimum time for ordering a vat is from 2 hours.

Wood-fired sauna: prices and terms

Prices to rest in YaremcheRest in Yaremche will bring maximum benefit if you combine entertainment and wellness treatments. One of the best ways to strengthen the body is to visit a sauna. This is a great way to cleanse the body of toxins and toxins. The Vershina apart-hotel offers a wood-fired sauna, which is located right on the territory of the complex. The room was built from natural materials using traditional technologies.
All furniture and furnishings of the premises are made of natural wood and stone, that is, from environmentally friendly materials.
The stove, which produces steam, is fired with wood, which can be purchased on site. Nearby there is a small pool with cold water, which is so nice to plunge into after the steam room.
Service cost for 1 hour:

The minimum time for ordering a bath is from 2 hours.

The cost of bundling firewood (7.5 – 8 kg) is 150 UAH

Rest in Yaremche with a swimming pool

Our hotel provides comfortable apartments to make your stay in Yaremche unforgettable. Now there is no longer a need to huddle in cramped hostel rooms. The complex has everything you need for a comfortable stay with friends or family.

One of the advantages of our hotel is the presence of its own pool and recreation area next to it. Here you can swim, sunbathe or just relax before your next trip. The pool water is clean and clear and is regularly renewed. Guests can also use sun loungers and towels.

There is a playground in the line of sight from the pool. Therefore, children can frolic on a swing while their parents sunbathe near the water.

The use of the pool is included in the price of your stay.

Kitchen in Yaremche

Our hotel has its own cuisine, which invites visitors to taste the best traditional Hutsul dishes. You can order Breakfast, lunch or dinner at the restaurant.

Museums in Yaremche

Museums are a great place to stay in Yaremche. We recommend visiting the miniature park-museum “Karpaty” during your trip. There are many unique structures on display here. Entry price – 100 UAH

The Museum of Ethnography and Ecology of the Carpathian Region is another unique place that will be appreciated by history lovers. You can also go with children, because there is an interesting excursion. The cost of visiting for an adult is 25 UAH, and for a child – 10 UAH. And the excursion rates are 80 UAH and 50 UAH, respectively. You can also order excursions in a foreign language – 100 UAH.

Rental in Yaremche for active rest

In winter, you can rent skis and snowboards. If there is no special clothing, no problem. In Yaremche, rental kits are offered. The price of such pleasure does not exceed UAH 300. Additionally, there are “Ski Workshop” Services at a price of 100-300 UAH, depending on the complexity of your question.

Have you arrived in the summer? Then you can rent bicycles for the whole family, providing yourself with the opportunity to go on a bike ride around the Carpathian regions. Hourly rental, so you can leave even for the whole day if you want to get really tired and sleep soundly after an active holiday.


If you want to improve your health in Yaremche, then it’s time to visit the saunas and swimming pools. This is a great option to relax with friends, chat and make new acquaintances. Our hotel has wonderful rooms and the opportunity to visit a bathhouse. A real Carpathian bath will truly relax you. The rates are more than affordable. Therefore, you should not deny yourself the convenience. And if you wish, you can rent a room with a fireplace at a price of 1300 UAH. Another option for a winter holiday with maximum comfort.