Corporate event in the Carpathians

For the New Year or anniversary of the company, in each team, the head and employees organize a corporate event. This is a great way to spend time in an informal setting, relax, possibly show your individual abilities and raise motivation to work.


What is a corporate event in the Carpathians?

A corporate event in the Carpathians is a team event with a management of the company, which is entertaining, does not address any work issues and responsibilities of the employees. Nowadays, this method forms a whole corporate culture.

Special companies organize such an event on a professional level. To make the corporate event interesting, not boring and memorable, the manager can attract additional resources.

  • Corporate culture effectively affects employee productivity and loyalty;
  • Raises team spirit and inspires new ideas;
  • Promotes the rapprochement of colleagues;
  • Establishes closer contacts on an emotional level.

Quite often employees communicate only at the level of work solving tasks of the management. Corporate event is not limited to work issues, but on the contrary gives the opportunity to communicate on personal topics, get to know each other better.


The concept of corporate event, history of origin

The name appeared in the mid-90s of the twentieth century and comes from the word “corporation”, which means community, society, fraternity, society, state, union of people of the same rank, craft. You can find corporate meetings by rank, status, trades, interests, which harden the corporate spirit and honor.

Corporate event is, first of all, a event for the team from the head or director of the company. Especially popular at first were New Year’s corporate parties, which as a concept came to us from the West. In addition to the usual feast, various competitions, contests with prizes and gifts were held on the event.

Nowadays, such large-scale events are organized by large and small companies. The company can celebrate the anniversary of the establishment of the company, the New Year, International Women’s Day on March 8. There are several categories of corporate events:

  • Corporate training that involves a dual impact. During such events, you can rent a hall. Employees will spend time together and benefit, gaining new knowledge. The key point will be self-development, which, of course, will affect the professional activities of the staff in the future with a good additional motivation;
  • Sports corporate events are usually organized in nature with various competitions and active sports;
  • Festive party with the award ceremony. It also gives motivation and incentive to continue working, to make effort to work in company and team. The manager can give employees special praise for any personal qualities: responsibility, high annual results or sense of humor;
  • Corporate event in the form of a picnic. This is the organization of an event in nature around a fire, on the lake or river bank. This atmosphere unites colleagues, promotes a pleasant and sincere atmosphere;
  • Presentation of new projects or services of the company. This type can also involve external sources and partners for a better assessment of the perspectives;
  • Corporate event team building means a joint rest with the team. It can be active sports, psychological games, training. Now it is a separate trend, which includes a variety of themed evenings and meetings.


How to celebrate a corporate event in the Carpathians?

To get started, you need to determine the type of corporate event that employees would like to have, so you can even consult with the team. It all depends on the mood and desire.

  • It is possible to arrange a large-scale celebration, if it is a large holding, by inviting the moderator of the event with a special program.
  • Another option is a cozy evening with colleagues, if it is a small team.

Corporate event significantly increases the efficiency of employees, affects the positive result in the future. For the leader, this is a good opportunity to know his subordinates better, to highlight individual qualities and abilities, perhaps even to overestimate for the better. In this form, employees learn:

  • interact with each other;
  • hear each participant;
  • empathize;
  • respect the opinion of others;
  • find a common goal and follow it.


Corporate event celebration in Yaremche

Any event in the Carpathians turns into a real inexpensive rest. Here the situation contributes to a pleasant pastime. Mountain clean air, beautiful scenery of waterfalls, salt lakes, karst caves enable to:

  • Get well;
  • Enjoy the silence and beauty;
  • Go on a tour of the true cultural flavor of the Ukrainian area;
  • Paragliding;
  • Go hunting and fishing;
  • Ride on horses, bicycles;
  • Try an extreme ATV safari on the slopes.

Vershina hotel is located in the heart of the Carpathians, the town of Yaremche. Here we provide all the comfortable conditions for an unforgettable corporate event with the team. Spending a holiday in the Carpathians is a real pleasure.

There are many springs with mineral waters in the town, the Carpathian National Nature Park and a large number of attractions. You definitely will not be bored. Any corporate party at the Vershina hotel will be a great adventure and help unite a friendly professional team.

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