Holidays in the Carpathians in summer with children

Want to find a place where you can spend your vacation with children? Do you want to not be limited to trips to the beach and try something new? Then we offer you a trip to the Carpathians in the summer with children. Here, in Transcarpathia, you can enjoy the beauty of nature, visit the most picturesque places in the country, as well as spend time with your children. Once here, they definitely will not be bored, and they will get a lot of pleasure from what they see.

However, in order for a summer vacation in the Carpathians with children to be truly unforgettable and bring a lot of positive emotions, it is important to plan all stages of your trip in advance. Well, if you have not yet decided what exactly you want to do and where you want to go, the Versina hotel in Yaremche has prepared for you a list of places and entertainment that should be paid attention to during your trip.

Entertainment in the Carpathians in the summer with children!

If you decide to spend a holiday in the Carpathians with children in the summer, you will have even more activities. Instead of snowmobiles, you can go quad biking or go cycling on the mountain slopes with the whole family. Also, in the summer in the Carpathians are regularly held championships in football, volleyball and other popular sports.

Tourists are regularly offered walks on various routes, where you can:
– Explore the mountain peaks;
– Visit little-known places (forests, valleys, villages);
– Take a horseback ride under the guidance of an instructor.

What to visit in the Carpathians in the summer with children?

Continuing the theme of excursions, let’s say that in the summer season this type of activity becomes even more popular. So now we will talk about those locations that are definitely worth a visit.

Let’s start with the “pearl” of the Carpathians – Lake Synevyr. This reservoir is located on a hill, and from the beauty of nature (the reservoir is in a coniferous forest) you can completely lose the gift of speech. Everyone who managed to visit this place was insanely satisfied with the time spent. So if you haven’t been here already, be sure to include it in your travel plan!

We move on, and it’s Dovbush’s Rock’s turn. It is a natural monument of the Carpathians, surrounded on all sides by forests. The location is impressive in its scale, and the monumentality of the rocks and their appearance will not leave anyone indifferent. Therefore, this place is definitely worthy of your attention.

In the Carpathians there is always a huge amount of entertainment and activities for all tastes. Therefore, if you are planning a vacation in the Carpathians with children in the summer, you definitely will not be bored. And in order for you not to worry about accommodation, we offer you to stay in the Vershina apart-hotel. There are several types of apartments with stoves and fireplaces to choose from. Hurry – the number of seats is limited! The best vacation in the Carpathians is only with us.

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