Holidays in the Carpathians

People plan their vacation sometimes all year round! This is a time when you can completely relax and allow yourself to forget about things, a time when you need to saturate the body with positive emotions, get healthy and get inspired! Of course, the place of this trip is essential. We offer you a vacation that you will remember and definitely enjoy – this is a vacation in the Carpathians!

Unique terrain among mountains and forests

Fans of eco-tourism will especially like such adventure as a vacation in the Carpathians, because it provides solitude and enjoyment of innocently clean corners of our planet, which are located in Ukraine. Scientists have long noticed that the nature of the Carpathian Mountains is unique, and its crystal clear air and healing springs have a very beneficial effect on the body.

The Carpathians are a unique mountain range from hilly heights to majestic peaks, which has a diverse flora and fauna. Many species of plants, animals and birds of the Carpathians are listed in the Red Book and are protected by law.

What to visit during a vacation in the Carpathians?

In the Carpathians, there are a huge number of places where people find the long-awaited peace and relaxation – another advantage of a vacation in the Carpathians. Picturesque places are pleasing to the eye, and the unusual culture, which has preserved its most vivid customs, allows you to immerse yourself in an incredible world and enjoy the originality of the Ukrainian ethnic group and color.

– The heart of the Carpathians, from the administrative center of which it is very easy to get to popular tourist routes, is the city of Yaremche. The city itself has many attractions – Yaremche forestry, restaurants with delicious Carpathian dishes, offers for walks around the city, picking mushrooms and berries in the woods (in summer and autumn).
– Bukovel is one of the most popular ski resorts in Ukraine and Europe. Here you will spend an active holiday in the Carpathians with children, especially in winter.
– Vorokhta. A small village located in a mountain valley. The area is known for its legendary viaducts – a transport railway in the form of a stone bridge, which was built during the reign of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. If you are thinking about where to go in the Carpathians, this place is a must visit!
– The resort area of Dragobrat mountain. Very picturesque area and also a favorite ski resort for many.

Holidays in the Carpathians will be interesting for all family members. After working days, it will also be useful, because you eat in one of the most healing places, where nature and the air are aimed at healing and therapeutic effects on all systems and organs of the body!
– For a lone tourist who came to the Carpathians without company, there is a lot of interesting entertainment: horseback riding; hiking trails and excursions; skiing, snowboarding in winter; picking berries and mushrooms with an experienced local forester and more.
– Holidays for the whole family. The Carpathians are the best place for family fun. There is a special emotional atmosphere.
– Spending the evening by the fireplace with delicious Carpathian food and wine, you will love this area with all your heart and want to come back here again! For children, everything here is for active recreation and cognitive leisure.
– Holidays in the Carpathians are often chosen by newlyweds, for a couple here, too, will be the perfect trip! The area is ideal for romance and solitude, and numerous excursions are filled with themes of love and fairy tales.

Interesting places in Yaremche

  • Probiy Waterfall is one of the most picturesque places for tourists from all over the country.
  • The aviary in Yaremche is especially popular with young travelers, there is a small zoo where you can feed the animals and enjoy socializing with them.
  • Carpathian Park Museum in miniature. Here you will see all the legendary places and architectural structures of the Carpathians in a mini version in the open air.
  • Maiden’s Tears Waterfall. An interesting legend and bright photos on a picturesque background are waiting for you.
  • Vershina hotel in Yaremche will be happy to provide you with the most comfortable living conditions with all the necessary resources. At your service there is a swimming pool, barbecue, parking, cafe, located on the territory of our complex, etc. After a rich festival entertainment, you can relax in a cozy cabin in the Carpathians and watch the incredible beauty of the mountain peaks from the balcony.

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