May holidays in the Carpathians

The May holidays are considered the apogee of the spring season, especially in the Carpathians. Here, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can enjoy the beauty of nature and relax from the usual routine. With the arrival of the heat, there is a huge amount of entertainment and activities, and those places that were difficult to get to in the winter, now look even more picturesque.

But in order for a rest in the Carpathians with children for the May holidays to be as successful as possible, and you get the most pleasure, it is important to make a travel plan and a list of locations you want to visit. You also need to think about housing and rent a house in the Carpathians for the May holidays. In this way, especially for you, we have prepared a short excursion to the most picturesque and atmospheric places of Transcarpathia.


Where to go for the May holidays?

Holidays in the Carpathians with children for the May holidays are a great opportunity to visit the legendary valley of daffodils. Seeing this magical corner, you will feel how your soul is filled with incredible inspiration. The local beauty is a unique treasure of our nature, which we fortunately managed to preserve. The atmosphere is enchanting here – quiet, beautiful and gentle.

When planning a vacation in the Carpathians for the May holidays, you can choose different tours. For tourists, there are a huge number of options that locals will offer you, but we advise you to pay special attention to tours to the incredibly stormy Carpathian waterfalls. Mountain waterfalls are a real miracle of nature that everyone should definitely see.

In the tourist center of the Carpathians – Yaremche, there is a unique waterfall “Probiy”, which can be easily called a calling card of the Carpathians. The waterfall is one of the 7 natural wonders of Ukraine and attracts thousands of tourists every day due to its rapid flow. You can admire the beauty of the waterfall for free and at any time of the year, but walking near the waterfall do not forget to be careful, because the stones near it are very slippery, and the power of water is much stronger than it seems at first glance.

Admiring the local beauty, we offer you to rent a cottage in the Carpathians for the May holidays in our apart-hotel “Vershina”, which is surrounded by beautiful Carpathian nature. If you are come to us once, you will not want to go! We offer:

  • cottage in Yaremche for 4-6 people;
  • apartment with a fireplace (2 + 2 people);
  • apartment with the stove (2 + 2 people).

Each room has all the necessary furniture, kitchen, TV, bathroom, private yard with parking, tables and barbecues, cafes, swimming pool, Russian bath and many places to relax with children.


Shypit is the loudest waterfall in the Carpathians!

When planning a tour of the Carpathian waterfalls, do not leave without your attention the incredible beauty of Shypit waterfall, which is located near the village of Pylypets at the foot of the beautiful valley of Borzhava.

The height of this natural wonder is 14 meters, and this waterfall is deservedly considered one of the most beautiful Carpathian waterfalls.


Zhenetskyi Huk waterfall

Each Carpathian waterfall impresses with its beauty and has its own unique history. Zhenetskyi Huk is no exception. The height of this natural wonder is 18 meters, so on the way to the waterfall you will hear a loud noise that it makes.

For the convenience of tourists, there are two observation decks with an incredible view of the waterfall. Also, for all comers here have built tables where you can have a snack. Could there be anything more wonderful than a lunch in the fresh air, to the sound of a stormy waterfall, do you agree?


Kaplyvets’ waterfall

Incredibly beautiful waterfall Kaplyvets’ located near the town of Yaremche. As you get closer to this waterfall, you will not only see the charming, picturesque nature that surrounds the waterfall, but also be able to enjoy the enchanting “song” that it releases.

Unfortunately, due to water erosion, this wonder of nature is gradually disappearing from the face of the Earth, so when planning a tour of the waterfalls, do not miss the opportunity to visit this attraction.


Manyavsky waterfall

This unique waterfall can be admired near the village of Manyava, which is located in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. The jets of the waterfall pour with incredible force from a height of 16-20 meters and flow into a beautiful lake, where you can swim in the hot season.

Manyavsky waterfall is a real miracle of nature, which is definitely worth your attention. How and where to relax on the May holidays in the Carpathians – your choice, but coming here and just breathing this unique air, looking at the incredible beauty of nature, and feeling the local flavor – you will fall in love with the Carpathians forever.

We are waiting for you at any time of the year and we know how to make your holiday perfect!


Entertainment for the May holidays in the Carpathians

If you thought that rest in the Carpathians for the May holidays is limited to excursions and walks on mountain trails, this is not the case at all. In the spring in these places a huge number of fans of an active way of life gathers.


The most popular activity is rafting. Mountain reservoirs carry the boat at great speed, and given the constant change of pace and direction of movement, these alloys give unforgettable emotions, and people return home without strength.

For fans of high speeds, we offer to make a ride on an ATV. If you have never driven such a machine before, you will definitely appreciate its power. In addition, the variety of tracks allows you to fully enjoy this mode of transport. Well, for those who like calmer travel, bike rides, which are regularly organized in the Carpathians, are perfect. You will be able to find yourself at an altitude of more than a kilometer and ride on your own on mountain trails without any restrictions.

Want something calmer? On May holidays in the Carpathians you can always go fishing or horseback riding. In addition, you can always stay in the Vershina hotel and relax by the pool.

Therefore, we advise you to rent a house for the May holidays in the Carpathians with us. Here you can enjoy the rest in cottage on the May holidays to the fullest. In the hotel “Vershina” you can rent a cottage for the May holidays and not worry about housing. We know how to make your May rest in the Carpathians perfect.

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