Recovery in the Carpathians

Nowadays many materials have been written about treatment in the Carpathians. People from all over the country try to get here to get rid of diseases, strengthen the immune system or just recovery trying certain procedures. All this is happening under the watchful eye of experts in the best health centers of Transcarpathia.

But today the number of sanatoriums, health centers and other similar institutions has reached several hundred. And in order to choose the best of them, people have to spend a huge amount of time searching for information and comparing the best places. If you do not want to spend time on such things, but at the same time want to learn more about recovery in the Carpathians, this material is especially for you. We will tell you about the places that are worth visiting firstly and that will bring the greatest benefit to your body.


Speleotherapy in the Carpathians

Probably many of you know about the existence of salt caves, but not everyone knows how effective a course of treatment can be in them. There is only one salt cave in Ukraine, equipped specifically for such therapies.

The peculiarity of the procedures is that they take place in a special microclimate formed in the mines. Due to the stable air temperature and atmospheric pressure, the human body is literally “cleansed”, and minerals that evaporate indoors, have a positive effect on general well-being. Speleotherapy will be useful for people with rheumatism, back pain, and lung disease. We assure you – after such therapy you will forget about any discomfort and will feel a surge of energy again.


Mineral springs

Another type of therapy that is definitely worth your attention during treatment in the Carpathians are mineral springs. The water temperature here varies from +30 to +100 degrees, and the liquid is rich in essential human elements: calcium, magnesium, chlorine, tungsten, copper, zinc, iodine and others. The temperature will be determined by the patient’s health and the specific problems he wants to solve. Mostly, mineral springs in Yaremche are visited by people who have problems with the respiratory organs, metabolic disorders or problems with the musculoskeletal system. In any case, before starting therapy, be sure to consult with doctors so as not to harm yourself and get the maximum effect from the procedure.


Strength of Morshyn mineral waters

Let’s not forget about Morshyn, where one of the largest mineral springs in Ukraine is located. Water in each of the three sources has a different composition of minerals and nutrients. Due to this, patients can choose the springs that is suitable for their ailments. In any case, you can always seek the help of experts and get answers to all your questions.

And of course, one of the most important points when planning a trip to the Carpathians is finding housing. You can consider dozens of options, but we suggest you stay at the Vershina hotel in Yaremche. Here you will find comfortable rooms with all the necessary conditions, and in order to easily get to the locations you need, we will arrange a transfer. Anyway, we will do everything to ensure your recovery and rest in the Carpathians were successful.

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