Rest in the Carpathians in summer

The Carpathian region is an amazing territory of Ukraine with its own culture, traditions and amazing sights. In addition to nature reserves and mountain air, the Carpathian valleys are full of entertainment for every season. Many people come here only in the cold season for skiing and snowy winter. However, few people know that a rest in the Carpathians in summer leaves unforgettable memories and impressions.


Why it is worth to go on rest to the Carpathians in summer?

If you decide to break stereotypes and go on a summer rest to the Carpathians instead of the marine coast, then you will find a real paradise among green nature and fresh air. Fans of a quiet pastime can dedicate their vacation to recovery, enjoy the incredible scenery, walking along the mountain peaks. The cozy wooden houses at the Vershina apart-hotel provide comfortable conditions for the whole family or a group of friends.

For lovers of active rest in the summer there is a wide range and choice of colorful entertainment, extreme trips and walks on the most famous architectural monuments and sights. The locals are always happy to welcome new tourists and envelop them with their wide hospitality. Folk festivals and fairs in the Carpathians are a special cultural heritage that will forever remain in the hearts of those who have ever attended such events.

Summer rest in the Carpathians will delight fans of all kinds of recreation: extreme and quiet tourism. Why travel to distant lands in search of beautiful landscapes, healing mountain air and ancient monuments, if all this is nearby and accessible. Here you can test your strength by climbing a mountain peak and enjoy the stunning scenery and fresh air. Also, in summer you can try many types of berries here. Have you ever seen a boundless blueberry field? Here you can see it too. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, herbs and more than two hundred species of mushrooms – all just underfoot, environmentally friendly and incredibly tasty. You can go up the mountain in hiking or horseback riding, bicycle or quad bike rides. Excursions to the sights of the region, which are famous for their uniqueness and rich history, will be incredibly interesting.


Advantages of rest in the Carpathians in the summer

Summer is an ideal period to enjoy the rest, to breathe the true spirit of Transcarpathia, in the absence of a large number of tourists who come only for skiing.

  • Clean mountain air, natural beauty of Ukrainian nature
  • National local cuisine
  • Recreation
  • Healing and resetting the body
  • Lots of interesting entertainment
  • Local unique color, customs and traditions
  • Affordable prices

Since rest in the Carpathians in summer is less popular among tourists, respectively the cost is much lower. This is an additional chance to make a choice in favor of such a summer vacation. If desired, you can go to a local lake or mountain river to swim.


Types of summer rest in the Carpathians

Summer rest in the Carpathians offers a lot of entertainment, taking into account individual preferences:

  • Carpathian vat. This is a special healing procedure that strengthens the general condition of the body, conducts the prevention of colds.
  • Horseback riding in the woods with stunning mountain scenery.
  • Mushroom or berry tourism. A special kind of entertainment, where it is possible to see all the beauty of the nature reserve.
  • Visiting mineral healing springs Morshyn, Mukachevo and Truskavets.
  • Hunting and fishing.
  • Walks through local settlements, acquaintance with culture, customs.
  • Visiting architectural monuments that are unique and inimitable.
  • Extreme descent on a mountain river on inflatable boats (rafting).
  • ATV trips.
  • Hot air balloon flight with the opportunity to enjoy the incredible views of the Carpathians from a bird’s eye view.
  • Hutsul region discovers and acquaints with its centuries-old traditions, its own craft, cultural heritage and national cuisine.
  • Visiting folklore fairs and gastronomic festivals. It is here that Ukrainian cuisine is represented in its best manifestations. It is possible to taste the most famous dishes from the local interpretation. In the Carpathians, many types of delicious homemade cheese are prepared, amazing bread is baked.

Where to stay resting in the Carpathians in summer?

Vershina apart-hotel provides a great choice of cozy wooden houses that will fill your summer rest in the Carpathians with a charming atmosphere of a strange land.

The territory has everything you need for a comfortable stay: swimming pool, parking, playground and bath. The hotel is located in the heart of the Ukrainian Carpathians in Yaremche. Each guest will have the opportunity to see the famous sights, visit many cultural events.

The ideal location of the apartments “Vershina” allows you to feel the clean mountain air, enjoy the incredible views of forest nature, feel the peace, comfort and soul harmony. For each of the visitors there is an opportunity to choose a summer rest in the Carpathians on individual features. Depending on your preferences, we provide active rest or quiet pastime in a wooden house with a real Hutsul stove. Unforgettable impressions, vivid memories, strengthening of an organism and simply pleasant rest in the summer in Carpathians far from city noise – all this is guaranteed by Vershina apart-hotel.

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