Rest in the Carpathians with a pool

What could be better than a wonderful vacation surrounded by picturesque Carpathian mountains? The Carpathians are a unique nature, ancient unknown forests, fresh air, the purest lakes, shrouded in hundreds of mystical legends. This is an incredibly delicious colorful cuisine, and, of course, hospitable Hutsuls, who are happy to welcome tourists at any time of year.

Rest with the pool in the summer in the Carpathians

To many, a vacation in the mountains is presented as a winter trip to the snowy peaks. Yes, here, of course, you can find dozens of ski resorts, but in the hot season in the mountains there are many more benefits than in winter. Resting in the Carpathians in the summer you can get even closer to the local flora and fauna, walk through the flowering meadows, walk through the unknown forest, pick berries and mushrooms.
Summer in the Carpathians is a paradise for lovers of active recreation: rafting, quad biking, cycling, climbing, all these services are provided in almost every mountainous area.
If you prefer a quiet holiday and go to the Carpathians to enjoy the silence, relax, swim in the pool, we suggest you stay in our Vershina hotel, which is located in Yaremche.
Our hotel has a beautiful swimming pool where you can have a great time with your family. Swim, sunbathe, and after relaxation enjoy unique and colorful dishes in our restaurant.
Rest in the Carpathians with a pool will benefit almost anyone, because swimming has a very positive effect on the whole body – increases tone and strengthens the immune system. Regular water treatments relieve stress, stabilize blood pressure, improve sleep and make your body slim and beautiful!
Summer vacation in the Carpathians with a swimming pool in the Verchina hotel is an elite pleasure at the lowest prices.

Rest with the pool in Carpathians in Vershina apart-hotel

If you really want to try a holiday in the Carpathians with a pool, we recommend you to stay in our room:
– cabin “On the stove” for 4-6 people;
– apartment with fireplace (2 + 2 people);
– apartment with oven (2 + 2 people);
Each room has all the necessary furniture, kitchen, TV, bathroom, private yard with parking, tables and barbecues, a playground for recreation in the Carpathians with children, a banya (steam bath with a wood stove).
Our hotel is located in the beautiful tourist town of Yaremche, so in addition to rest on the territory of our hotel you can visit local unique attractions.
Among them are the famous Dovbush rocks, the stormy Probiy waterfall, a reserve with wild animals, a Hutsul souvenir market and many others!
Come to us, we know how to organize the perfect vacation for you in the Carpathians!

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