Rest in Yaremche in the summer and in the winter

Yaremche has existed for about 200 years and remains beautiful at all times. This small tourist town is located in the Ivano-Frankivsk region in the valley of the stormy Prut River. This natural wonder of incredible beauty is surrounded by the natural Carpathian National Park.

Historians say that its name comes from the name of the founder – Yarema Godovanets. Yaremche from the north and south is surrounded by mountains with coniferous forests on the hills. The local climate has a positive effect on the health of vacationers, so here are many sanatoriums and tourist bases.

Arriving here, you will immediately feel that this city has an incredible charming atmosphere, Hutsul color permeates every inch, and the picturesque surrounding mountains and hills will give you a feeling of incredible peace and warmth in the soul.


Rest in Yaremche in the summer

Summer is a great time to travel and relax. You don’t have to fly to fabulous islands and sandy beaches. The Ukrainian Carpathians offer an amazing vacation and a warm welcome in the city of Yaremche. It has everything your heart desires: from colorful natural landscapes to luxury restaurants. Within the walls of the Vershina apart-hotel everyone will be able to feel the atmosphere of warmth and hospitality.


Why it is worth to rest in Yaremche in the summer?

It is a summer vacation in Yaremche gives a lot of unforgettable experiences. The beginning of the summer season is considered to be the end of May. The Carpathian Mountains and their surroundings are the most popular place among vacationers. Thousands of tourists come here every year, both from Ukraine and from many other countries. Transcarpathia is a beautiful attraction of Yaremche in summer, museums and zoos, as well as a place of strength and homeland of great people.

If a tourist asks the question “What to see in Yaremche in the summer?”, he simply knows nothing about this colorful place. After all, here are the largest souvenir market in Ukraine, enchanting lakes, luxurious churches and, of course, mountains.

Services for tourists:

  • Excursions on ATVs
  • Mountain hiking
  • Ski slopes
  • Horseback riding
  • Excursions around the city and in the mountains
  • Cycling

In summer it is a real paradise for tourists. Locals offer a huge number of interesting excursions and sightseeing tours of the surrounding area. Summer in Yaremche is a season of hiking and climbing.

For everyone there are many cycling routes, horseback riding, ATVs, rafting.

The variety of entertainment in Bukovel will surprise even the most experienced tourist. In summer you can rent water skis, catamaran, hydrocycle, and the bravest can try diving. In the warm season you can visit the local climbing wall, bicycle park, as well as an extreme park with interesting hanging obstacles, swings and tarzanki.

For tourists here are many exciting hiking trails or tours to local natural beauty. In the summer in Bukovel many interesting festivals, competitions and contests are organized.


Rest in Yaremche in the winter

Yaremche ski resorts are more suitable for beginners, and real extremists are better off going to neighboring resorts, which are close to the city.

It is very interesting to celebrate New Year holidays in Yaremche. A real festive atmosphere has been reigning here since mid-December. Tourists who come here at this time can not only enjoy the winter fairy tale, but also take part in local folk festivals. Hutsuls highly respect their national traditions and on the eve of the holidays you can always hear ancient Christmas carols.

Winter in Yaremche is, of course, a holiday at ski resorts. For tourists there are many trails of European level. Also, you can ride snow tubes, snow bikes and play winter paintball.


The main attractions of Yaremche

Without exaggeration, Yaremche can be called the center of architectural and natural monuments.

Where to go and what to see in Yaremche and surroundings?

  • The most powerful waterfall in the city “Probiy” is the hallmark of Yaremche. It is located on the outskirts of the city. Nearby, at the market, you can buy souvenirs and taste local cuisine.
  • Dovbush’s stone. This memorial is part of the Dovbush Trail memorial, which was built in the national nature park. Ivan Franko and Mykhailo Kotsyubynsky came here.
  • The most famous museum in Yaremche is the park-museum “Carpathians in miniature”. The objects reproduced here include models of churches, restaurants, monuments and waterfalls.
  • In the city, not far from the Probiy waterfall, there is a restaurant as well as architectural monument “Hutsulshchyna”. The restaurant building was designed in 1965 according to all the laws and rules of Hutsul architecture, without the use of nails and metal fasteners. Its feature is the decor. Outside, it is a perfect wooden building with openwork carvings, and inside – a real Ukrainian house with all the elements of everyday life. Food is served in earthenware. The menu is dominated by national cuisine and Hutsul dishes, but there is also a separate page with European cuisine.
  • Souvenir market. This is a popular place among tourists. The souvenir market in Yaremche is the largest in Ukraine. There are many different souvenirs: mugs, blankets, magnets, woolen socks and vests, mead, Carpathian teas, honey.
  • Mineral springs. There are 5 mineral springs with drinking water in the city and its environs, which contain useful microelements.
  • The zoo in Yaremche consists of two zones: an aviaries household and a park with bird cages. There are the following representatives of the Carpathian fauna: deer, wild boar, mountain eagle. Animals can be fed after buying food from the zookeeper.


Where to stay resting in Yaremche?

Yaremche is a center of tourist entertainment. The whole culture and color of the Ukrainian people are concentrated here. In summer, the city attracts tourists from around the world with the beauty of nature and the beneficial properties of the local climate. Here you can not only relax, but also improve your health. A pleasant stay in Yaremche will complement the level of service and comfort of the Vershina hotel.

The hotel has stunning views of the mountain scenery and forests. Each room has a TV, Wi-Fi network, comfortable beds and spacious closets.

Also for guests of “Vershina” the following services are provided:

  • Free parking, so you don’t have to worry about where to take your car.
  • Pool in which water is constantly heated.
  • Playground for children. It has everything you need for children to have fun, including a swing and a trampoline.
  • Bath, for all who wish to relieve stress and fatigue.

In addition, the hotel offers options for what to do and what to see in Yaremche.

Our hotel is located away from the noisy highway, on top of a hill, which creates an incredible atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Delicious and refined cuisine in our restaurant will not leave indifferent even the most discerning gourmet.

We are waiting for you at any time of the year and we know how to organize for you a unique and memorable vacation in the Carpathians!

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