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We will not reveal a secret to you if we say that vacation in the Carpathians today has gained wide popularity and demand. And there are many reasons for it! Anyone who has ever been to this unique place is sure to fall in love with the beautiful scenery, clean air and majestic mountain peaks! The most cozy Vershina apart-hotel in all the Carpathians is located in the famous and beloved city of Yaremche, between the silent mountain Makovytsia and its valley. You would ask what is so surprising about this place? We offer you to rent a housing in Yaremche, where you will feel the atmosphere and culture of the traditional Hutsul region! Our rooms have an stove and its temperature is maintained around the clock during the heating season and allows our guests to enjoy this ancient household item!

45 m2
Room area
Bed size

In order for the rest to be not only interesting, but also to give a feeling of full-fledged harmonious well-being in a new place – the most important circumstance is the accommodation in which you will stay for the period of vacation.

Vershina apart-hotel is a place where you can be “recharged” with energy and strength for the year ahead! Here you can rent a housing on the most favorable terms in the Carpathians .

Our guests always feel at home and even better thanks to a carefully thought-out design.

Why you should rent a housing with the stove in Yaremche from us?

As already mentioned, Vershina apart-hotel has an apartment with the stove. This is a real Ukrainian stove, where you can lie down, warm up and feel all the beauty of this time! From ancient times the stove was considered the soul of the whole house.

Role of the stove was not just to cook and heat the room, because the house was never damp and the family was always been fed by freshly baked bread thanks to the oven. Renting an apartment in Yaremche with us, you can feel this color, immerse yourself in it, comfortably seated in a rocking chair or even on the stove.

Rooms at Vershina apart-hotel meet all the standards of hotel requirements. Here you will find all the necessary items for personal hygiene and towels. Our staff carries out daily cleaning and change of bed linen and towels.

High-class service and polite hospitable administrators will help you immerse yourself in the “vacation mode” to forget about problems, affairs and just enjoy! If desired, you can order food and you will get a freshly cooked dish directly to the room. We make sure that our customers are 100% satisfied with their stay at the Vershina apart-hotel!

Favorable price, best service, decent rooms

If you want to relax in the Carpathians and plan to rent a housing in Yaremche cheap, then our hotel is at your service! We are ready to offer you the best price policy for renting an apartment with a stove in Yaremche. Our managers will always advise you which room to choose, based on the number of vacationers.

Thousands of our clients are already convinced that rest in Vershina apart-hotel is the European service, improbably authentic stylistics and high comfort at reasonable not inflated cost! We offer you to evaluate our service in the most hospitable hotel in the Carpathians! See you at the Vershina apart-hotel!