8 most beautiful places in the Carpathians that are worth visiting

Many stories have already been told about the beauty of the Ukrainian Carpathians, and tourists who have been to the mountains have taken many photos in memory of this place. Every corner of the mountain resort impresses with its beauty, and the atmosphere that prevails in remote corners of Transcarpathia is remembered by everyone who has been there.

Going on rest in the Carpathians, we do not always know what to expect from a trip. There are a huge number of sights, historical monuments and other locations, so you will not be able to visit them all during the first trip. Therefore, especially for you, we have prepared a list of the most beautiful places in the Carpathians, which should be visited first.

Carpathian National Nature Park

This park was created to preserve rare specimens of flora and fauna not only in Ukraine but also throughout Eastern Europe. A total of 95 species found here are listed in the Red Book and are under close expert supervision.

The territory of the park is 515 square kilometers and impresses with the diversity of relief. Some parts of the park are at an altitude of more than a kilometer, and they offer stunning views of the surrounding area. If you want to get an impression of the true beauty of the Carpathians, you should definitely visit one of the best places in the Carpathians.


Dovbush rocks

This location can be safely included in the list of the most beautiful places in the Carpathians. That construction, created by nature itself, reaches 80 meters in height and consists of several separate formations. Each of the parts got its name, and together the rocks form the appearance of a gorge. In any case, you should be there yourself to appreciate the beauty of nature of this beautiful place in the Carpathians.


Waterfalls in Yaremche

Few people know about it, but one of the main attractions of the Carpathians is not considered to be museums or temples. These are waterfalls, which are of course inferior to world giants like Niagara, but whose beauty is enchanting.

First of all, we recommend visiting the waterfall Probiy. This is one of the most beautiful places in the Carpathians. The waterfall used to be 25 meters high, but later it was blown up to facilitate the process of descent trees down the slope. Kayaking is also regularly held here. However, you should not take risks and go into the fountain itself: the stones are very slippery, and you can get injured, so for a photo you can stay on the shore and climb the footbridge.

The Guk waterfall is also worth a special attention. Its height is 15 meters, and it is one of the largest waterfalls in Ukraine.


Manyava Skete

If you love beautiful places in the Carpathians, we offer you the Church of St. Francis in Delyatin. Construction of this temple began in the 19th century, and since then it has not stopped working even during World War II. The temple contains many stories and legends, and if you want to know them all, you should definitely visit here.

In addition to the church, it is also worth paying attention to the Manyavsky Skete. Its history began in 1608, and since then the monastery has undergone many reconstructions and continues to attract visitors.


Tustan Fortress

We could not forget about this location in our list. Here, near the village of Urich, there is a whole historical and cultural reserve, surrounded by monumental rocks. In addition to the beauty of nature and picturesque landscapes, guests can witness the annual festival “Tu Stan!” with knightly fights, competitions and other activities. In any case, this is one of the most beautiful places in the Carpathians, and you will get great pleasure from staying there.

Now you know what to look for during the first trip to the best places in the Carpathians. We are sure that each of the locations described by us will not leave you indifferent and will give a lot of emotions. Therefore thus, to make the holiday even better, you can stay at the Vershina hotel in Yaremche. Here guests are offered comfortable rooms in the form of individual houses, and thanks to the transfer system you can easily get to all the beautiful places in the Carpathians! The best rest in the Carpathians only with us.

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