Carpathian vats

Often in search of new experiences, we rush to go to foreign resorts, forgetting that in Ukraine there are enough interesting locations where you can experience exciting emotions for relatively little money. The Carpathians are a unique place where you can harmoniously combine active rest and relaxation.

If you want to get an unforgettable experience, get healthy and fill your body with harmony and warmth, we recommend you try the wonderful service that is offered everywhere in the Carpathians – bathing in local vats.

What is the Carpathian vat?

Vats in the Carpathians are a huge cast-iron cauldron that is filled with water and heated over an open fire. You can bathe in the vat at any time of year, especially interesting bathing in the winter, when being in a hot pot can be alternated with immersion in ice water. The water in the vat is heated to such a temperature that the cold becomes absolutely not terrible, because the body steams well enough in hot water.

The water in the vat is heated gradually, and special stones are placed on the bottom so that vacationers do not burn their feet and so that their stay in the tub was as comfortable as possible.

Bathing in vats is the key to good health!

– The unique properties of mineral water used in vats have a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system, relieve pain in muscles and joints;
– contrast water treatments have a very positive effect on blood vessels and skin, improve blood circulation;
– bathing in the Carpathian vats surrounded by beautiful nature and fresh air will relieve stress, fatigue and insomnia, improve mood;
– due to the active influence of high temperature, the pores on the skin open, which promotes the penetration of healing components contained in water and herbs that are added to the tub;
– regular bathing in vats removes slags and toxins and improves overall health.

Important: if you really want to benefit the body by coming to the Carpathians, vats should be chosen carefully and the approach to this should be very serious!

Here are some tips on how to choose the right vat:

– When choosing a vat, be sure to ask how often the water is changed in it;
– you need to be alert to the interval between baths: it should not be less than two hours, because to bring the vat into a proper condition after previous client, to wash it and to fill it with clean water takes a long time;
– bathe in a vat only with people that you know well, following basic sanitary standards;
– before bathing in the vat, ask your doctor if you have any contraindications;
– for maximum convenience, choose a vat that can accommodate from 6-8 people, it will provide you with a comfortable stay and complete relaxation;
– while in the tub, remember – everything should be in moderation. Do not stay there for too long and in very hot water, it can harm your health.

Bathing in a vat, Yaremche

Together with the Vershina hotel we invite you to feel the incredible relaxation from swimming in vats in the wonderful tourist town of Yaremche.

Vats in Yaremche is a unique opportunity to combine health improvement and relaxation with visiting the most beautiful local attractions.

While vacationing in the Carpathians in Yaremche, be sure to include a hike to the waterfalls, a walk to the rocks of Dovbush, visit the Carpathian National Nature Park, see the local ancient churches, and of course climb one of the charming local peaks.

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