Interesting places in Yaremche

The city of Yaremche is the heart of the tourist Carpathians. Here, among the beauty of the majestic mountains, body and soul relax as well as all anxious thoughts go away. Mountains are not only incredible natural landscapes, crystal clear air, but also a unique source in which you can restore and replenish your life energy.

Only here you can feel an incredible feeling of freedom, to be alone with yourself and your thoughts. You only need to look at this magical beauty once, and you will fall in love with it forever.

Every year millions of tourists with a great pleasure come to this small mountain town from all over Ukraine.


What it is worth to see among the interesting places in Yaremche?

Yaremche amazes everyone with its stormy waterfalls, ancient churches and of course the unique Hutsul color, which without exaggeration permeates every corner.


Probiy waterfall in the center of Yaremche

The famous Probiy waterfall is located right in the center of Yaremche and is a hallmark of the city. Every self-respecting tourist, having arrived in Yaremche, is simply obliged to take some photos near this unique natural wonder.

On the way to this attraction in Yaremche you will hear a loud roar from the stormy flow, and when you get closer you will see how the water in the waterfall with incredible force like “make its way” among the stony rocks of the Prut river.

For the convenience of tourists there is a special 20-meter bridge from the height of which you can see all the beauty of the waterfall. Sometimes in the pursuit of beautiful photos, tourists descend closer to the waterfall, but don’t do it, the stones near it are very slippery and the flow is much stronger than it seems at first glance.


“Gothic Folds” or “Elephant Rock”

In the city of Yaremche, at an altitude of 984.5 meters is located the incredibly beautiful mountain Makovytsia. On the back slope of this unique mountain range, where the water artery of the Carpathians, the Prut river flows, there are ancient “Gothic Folds”, or as they are called “Elephant Rock” located.

If you watch this natural wonder from afar, you can see that the curves of the rock resemble the silhouette of a huge elephant.

Local scientists claim that the mountain originated 60-75 million years ago in the Miocene period. It is not known for sure, but it is definitely worth visiting these natural interesting places of Yaremche!


Manyava Skete

The sights of the beautiful city Yaremche will not leave you indifferent when traveling here, but if you go a little further, you can see another unique place – the orthodox male monastery “Manyava Skete”.

The people call this orthodox monastery the Ukrainian Athos, because the founders of the shrine were monk-novices from the Holy Mountain. Every year thousands of pilgrims and tourists visit this holy place. Some incredible force attracts people here like a magnet, because, being here, you can fill your body and soul with incredible vitality and strength.


“Carpathians in miniature” park-museum

If you have already seen all the interesting places of Yaremche, then we suggest you visit the park-museum “Carpathians in miniature”.

The park-museum is located on the banks of the beautiful mountain river Zhonka surrounded by the picturesque Carpathian National Nature Park. After visiting it, you will see unique tiny models of architectural monuments – churches, monasteries as well as accurately reproduced natural objects, which Yaremche is famous for.

Just walking through the park, you will get better acquainted with the history of the Ukrainian Carpathians, see a unique copy of the local railway, beautiful viaducts of Vorokhta and much more.


“Hutsulʹshchyna” restaurant in Yaremche

If you want to literally touch the unique architectural work of the Hutsul region and at the same time eat delicious food, we recommend you to visit the legendary “Hutsulʹshchyna” restaurant, which is located almost in the “heart” of Yaremche.

The restaurant-museum is the embodiment of the best traditions of Hutsul architecture, designed by the famous architect Ivan Bondarchuk, back in 1965.

Upon entering the house, you will see a beautiful old stove, which is lined with authentic Kosovo tiles, as well as many samples of sheep wool.

Interesting fact: the peculiarity of this interesting place in Yaremche is that the construction of a wooden restaurant-museum was carried out without the use no nail.


Where to stay to see interesting places in Yaremche?

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