Hunting in the Carpathians

The Carpathians are famous for their endless and dense forests, and of course a huge variety of flora and fauna. Charming and colorful mountain areas are a unique location for exciting hunting, because it is here, surrounded by dense forests, nature has created ideal conditions for game habitat. Only here you can fully give yourself to the process, enjoy, feel the real excitement, and of course be alone with the incredible nature of the Carpathians.

Together with Vershina, we invite you to immerse yourself in the world of real Carpathian hunting surrounded by unique, picturesque mountain landscapes and crystal clear air.


When does the hunting season in the Carpathians begin?

From the beginning of August you can safely go to the Carpathians to hunt, but before you plan a trip, carefully study the weather conditions. It is very important that at this time in the mountains there was no flood, which often happens in the spring and avalanches was not come down from the tops.


Who can be hunted in the Carpathians?

Everyone knows that the Carpathians are rich in fauna. In this area you can meet representatives of different families of predators living in the forests of the Carpathians. They are of great interest for hunting. Let’s find out who you can hunt in the Carpathians:


Hunting for the Carpathian wild boar

Wild boar hunting in the Carpathians, which lasts from early autumn to mid-December, is very popular. The pine-oak and beech forests that predominate in this area are the ideal habitat for these wild pigs.

Wild boars prefer to eat at night, and during the day they usually rest with their herd. They can be hunted collectively, as well as with the involvement of specially trained hounds.


Deer hunting

No less exciting and interesting is the hunting of the Carpathian deer. But you should be very careful not to miss the season, as the hunting period for deer is much shorter than for wild boar, and it lasts only a month and a half, from about early September to mid-October.

Deer hunting in the Carpathians will turn into a real exciting adventure, because only here you can get your well-deserved trophy among the virgin forests and feel like a real hunter.



Hunting wolf and hare

Wolf hunting in the Carpathians lasts from October to February, and is allowed only with a license. In recent years, wolf hunting is not an easy task, these animals have become very intelligent and have learned to hide well from the human eye.

Hare hunting in the Carpathians is a real test. Hares are very fast and easily hide from people. To catch it it is better to take specially trained hound dogs. It is possible to get on this agile four-legged animal approximately in the beginning of August.


Bear hunting in the Carpathians

Unfortunately, due to the increase in the number of poachers, bear hunting in the Carpathians is strictly prohibited. This animal is already listed in the Red Book, so hunting it is punishable by large fines, as well as possible restrictions on freedom. It is extremely important during the hunt to follow all the measures of the legislation of Ukraine, to have all the permits to enjoy the exciting hunting in the Carpathians.

And after the hunt we invite you to relax in our Vershina hotel, which is located in the picturesque town of Yaremche.

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