Places of power in the Carpathians

The picturesque Ukrainian Carpathians are not only incredible natural landscapes, fresh mountain air, but also a unique source where you can renew and replenish your life energy. The mysterious Carpathians are filled with a huge number of places where you can feel the mighty power of the Earth.

Mysterious stories about the Carpathian Mountains have been known to people since ancient times and are passed down in this area from generation to generation. No wonder so many mysterious molfars and soothsayers live in the Carpathians.


Places of strength near Yaremche

This tourist town is very popular among tourists. There are really a lot of interesting places that are definitely worth a visit for everyone.


Written stone

Written stone is an incredibly beautiful rocks of unusual shape. This unique monument is located in the village of Bukovets, in the Verkhovyna district of Ivano-Frankivsk region. This place offers an extraordinary beauty of the mountain view, from which it takes your breath away!

The peculiarity of this place is that the ancient inscriptions (petroglyphs) carved on these stones have not yet been deciphered by anyone. Local legends say that pagan rites were once performed here.

To feel the full force of this place, you should sit on the rocks in complete silence, immersed in your thoughts. If you want to “let go” of all the troubles and forget about your problems, you can bring a pebble here, which you should leave on the stones before you go away.


Pip Ivan mountain (Black Mountain)

Pip Ivan mountain is located on the border of Ivano-Frankivsk and Zakarpattia regions and it is the highest mountain of the Montenegrin ridge which has a height of 2022 meters.

Once, on the top of the mountain there was a rock that resembled a priest in a robe – hence the name of this peak.

The uniqueness of this place is that at the top of the mountain there are mysterious non-overgrown circles in the grass (circles of power), among which there is a wooden pillar. Dozens of psychics and esotericists come here every year to perform their magical rituals.

These places are advised to visit couples who want to have children to make their cherished wish on top of the mountain.

Manyava Skete

Among the picturesque Carpathian mountains and forests is a unique shrine called “Manyava Skete”. Manyava Skete is a male monastery, which is rightly considered a special place of spiritual strength and energy.

The people call this orthodox monastery the Ukrainian Athos, because the founders of the shrine were monk-novices from the Holy Mountain.

Every year thousands of pilgrims and tourists visit this holy place. Some incredible force attracts people here like a magnet.

Locals say that if you light a candle and go with it around the underground temple and cell, it will become a mascot for the whole family.


Nesamovyte lake

Nesamovite lake is located on the Montenegrin ridge, and according to folklore, it is here that hail emerges. Hutsuls say that the reason for this is the souls of sinners who rest in these mysterious waters. Locals believe that if you throw a stone into the lake, you can inadvertently get in one of the lost souls.

The uniqueness of the lake is that when the temperature drops below zero, the water here never freezes as well as in the strong heat does not heat up.

According to ancient legends, the lake helps to find love, so if an unmarried guy or unmarried girl have washed by water from the lake, they will soon meet their couple.


Dovbush rocks and stone, caves of spirits

Another unique and mystical place in the Carpathians that is definitely worth a visit is Dovbush rocks. The rocks here are located at an altitude of 670 meters above sea level, and each of them has its own name.

According to local legends, people who walking past the rocks and touch them will be endowed with extraordinary strength and goodness. In addition, there are rumors here that in the rocks are still hidden treasures of the Ukrainian Robin Hood – Oleksa Dovbush, which he did not have time to distribute to poor people.

Following this route, you can meet another place of power – the “stone of eternity”, touching which you can make a wish which is sure to come true.

Walking through this area you can come across caves of spirits, which are very attractive to tourists. These mysterious caves are similar to the abode of spirits and sorcerers who once performed their magical rites and rituals here.

It is dangerous to stay overnight in these places. Even the most desperate tourists, listening to the stories of locals do not risk doing so.

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