Rest on the stove in the Carpathians. Hutsul stove-couch

Hutsul culture originated in ancient times. It has a deep, interesting history. Hutsuls are residents of the Carpathians, who belong to the ethnic group of Ukrainians. This is a special stratum of the population. They have their own traditions and customs, as well as a characteristic Hutsul dialect. One of the features is the ancient Hutsul stove-couch, which decorates every Carpathian house.


What is a Hutsul stove?

The stove-couch is a structure of stone or brick. The main part was built for cooking and heating the house as a whole, and the other part below was intended for sleep or rest. In winter, the Hutsul stove was the warmest place in the house. From ancient times, sleeping on the stove was a privilege. The head of the family or small children could rest on the stove as well as the newlyweds were allowed to sleep on it in the first nights.

The history of the Hutsul region and recreation in the Carpathians takes us back to the 17th century. At that time, an independent and expressive culture of Hutsuls was formed here, which was expressed in costumes, music, painting and decoration of houses. The main emphasis in the interior was on the construction of the stove-couch. Building a real Hutsul stove is a complex process that requires work and a close-knit team.

Hutsuls preferred to complement the stove with various decorations in the form of tile pictures, such as drawings on the tiles or “kakhli”, as they were called by the locals. Hutsuls depicted ornamental compositions, scenes from the life of Hutsuls, sacred scenes, images of animals.


What is the uniqueness of the Hutsul stove?

Today the stove is considered practically a cultural heritage and a museum exhibit. It was difficult to build such a structure, they chose a special place in the house. Drawing on tiles is a separate art, which can be used to study the culture of the Hutsul region.

  • Hutsul stove – a rare unique phenomenon;
  • Erected by a special technique in accordance with tradition;
  • Served as a source of cooking, heating the house and a place to rest on the stove in the Carpathians;
  • Painting has become a separate historical trend;
  • Symbolizes the national Hutsul culture.

Now in the Carpathians there are also small productions for the manufacturing of tiles. Each master develops plots that he likes. This is an exclusive, not mass production, but “artificial”. Professional craftsmen will not only paint and burn the tile, but also assemble the stove itself.

Painting on tiles is considered a separate branch of art, however, it can be found quite rarely. During the rest on the stove in the Carpathians there is a unique opportunity to visit the fair, which presents many examples of such paintings. You can buy a picture or try to portray something interesting yourself.


Why it is worth going to the Carpathians?

In addition to its cultural value for history, the Hutsul stove is a useful attribute in the house that has a positive effect on health.

Main advantages:

  • Can be used to treat and prevent colds and rheumatic diseases.
  • Fills the room with an unusual smell.
  • Provides heat in the house, which is stored for a long time.
  • If desired, you can cook borsch in the stove, as well as bake potatoes and even bake a holiday cake.

Rest on the stove in the Carpathians is a special pleasure that can be felt only in this region. A wooden house in a quiet forest sends each guest on a journey through time. You can feel the warmth, pleasant smell and home comfort. This is a chance to see a large, beautifully decorated traditional wood-burning stove as well as an opportunity to warm up on the couch. Anyone who remembers his grandmother’s country house will definitely feel nostalgia for those times. Locals will help to enjoy an unusual rest on the stove in the Carpathians and immerse yourself in a similar atmosphere.


Hutsul stove in Vershina apart-hotel

A real stove in a wooden house, which can be melted and where you can warm yourself on the couch, is located in the Vershina apart-hotel. Today, it is rare to find a functioning Hutsul stove, mostly it is a historical museum exhibit. If you have an idea to visit this region and you are still thinking about where to go in the Carpathians, you should definitely go to the Hutsul region in the hotel “Vershina”.

Our complex is located in the heart of the Carpathians, the town of Yaremche. We have all the comfortable conditions for recreation: beautiful scenery, enchanting forest, fresh air and wellness treatments. There are also many interesting and unique attractions with ancient history and culture, including a Hutsul stove. If desired, there is an opportunity to try extreme sports, hunting or horseback riding.

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