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Team building in the Carpathians

Every public or private company consists of employees who spend a lot of time together every day. It is important to maintain a favorable atmosphere within the team and to establish relations both between colleagues and among the leader and subordinates. Team building will help to unite the team and create a comfortable atmosphere in the work team.


What is Carpathian team building?

This event is aimed at building an organized and strong team, as well as revealing the individual abilities of each employee. Team building is suitable for every large or small enterprise. The main task and purpose of team building is to raise the efficiency of the workflow and prompt resolution of current issues. The event consists of a set of sports or intellectual tasks, quests, puzzles. The team is divided into groups or together solves the problem.

Team building develops teamwork skills, hardens team spirit. Each employee in the learning process:

  • Take the initiative;
  • Hear a colleague and listen to his opinion;
  • Quickly assign roles, delegate;
  • Make a joint decision;
  • Coordinate own actions with the team;
  • Understand and use the strengths of each participant;
  • Focus on the overall result;
  • Find non-standard solutions.


Types of team building

To date, there are many types of activities for the collective. It is possible to organize team building in nature, in an institution, in a specially equipped room. There are several main categories:

  • The intellectual type includes themed team building quests and puzzles, role-playing games related to historical epochs, trends and currents of culture. Participants are required to have more mental reflection, knowledge, and intelligence. It reveals the hidden talents of employees, an extraordinary approach to the task and, of course, the ability to work in a team;
  • Creative team building reveals the individual abilities of each participant. This is a great opportunity to unite the team on a subconscious level, as creativity deeply affects the emotional state and personal problems.
  • Extreme team building is a variety of sports tournaments, competitions. It is often accompanied by a struggle between teams or participants, or, conversely, the task is to unite employees to raise team spirit and excitement. Organizers program usually include active sports: crossing the river, jumping and running with obstacles, climbing a mountain by cableway, all activities where necessary to use strength and agility;
  • Psychological team building connects a specialist in this field. The team undergoes various tests, performs tasks;
  • Culinary team building for employees is one of the most relaxing. The team works on the preparation of a joint dish, makes a joint efforts to achieve a successful result.


Teambuilding in the Carpathians in nature

It is considered to be the best venue for such an event is fresh air. In this atmosphere, the team leaves the usual office environment and tunes in to a more relaxed atmosphere in the team. Colleagues are getting closer, there is an opportunity to open up, to trust, without violating subordination. Team building in nature promotes not only a friendly environment, but also a healthy lifestyle, active exercise and self-development.

Every leader strives to create an ideal work team that will clearly and in an organized manner perform the tasks. With a heavy workload, employees can overwork, then the work becomes a burden and discomfort.

To avoid such situations and instill in employees the desire to go to work with pleasure, it is necessary to create a comfortable friendly atmosphere. Everyone here is already waiting for close colleagues, friends, people who can help and support. This allows the manager to freely observe the actions of each employee in an informal setting, identify leaders and create a cohesive team.

Also, team building influences the formation of general views, the creation of new ideas, effective resolution of issues. The event inspires and gives strength to continue to work with gratitude for the common good of the company.


Team building in Vershina apart-hotel

The hotel has a special colorful atmosphere of Ukrainian culture. Mountain place with fresh air, incredible views, quiet and peaceful environment. In the Vershina apart-hotel, each room is equipped with a real traditional stove, which was previously installed in every Ukrainian house. Such an exhibit mentally takes us back to childhood, when a grandmother had such a stove.

Now it is not only a warming attribute, but also a healthy prevention. Hutsul stove in the hotel “Vershina” treats colds and rheumatic diseases, fills the house with a peculiar pleasant smell and serves as a source for cooking. This is a unique opportunity to organize the most cozy evening with friends, family or colleagues. Team building in the Carpathians will be an unforgettable adventure, where unforgettable memories common for the team are born.

We are waiting for you at any time of the year and we know how to organize for you a unique and memorable rest in Carpathians!

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